Our senior management team

Groupe F. Dufresne draws on the talent and dedication of nearly 1500 employees at its various subsidiaries. It owes its position as a solid, innovative, and diversified company to its strong team of experienced managers.

  • Pierre Dufresne

    Chairman of the Board

    Pierre Dufresne joined the company in 1968 as a heating oil truck driver. Today, as president and CEO, he is constantly seeking out new opportunities and has extensive industry expertise. Under his leadership, the family business has grown from a small heating oil distributor to a large, 800-employee company. The Milliplein loyalty program is one of his biggest achievements. It launched in 1997 and now has over 200,000 members.

    Pierre Dufresne sat on the board of Quebec’s association for energy distributors (ADEQ, formerly AQUIP) for a many years and also served as chair. He has been involved with the Society of Saint Vincent de Paul in Quebec City for many years.

  • Jacques Dufresne

    Vice Chairman of the Board

    Jacques Dufresne joined the company in 1968 as a heating oil truck driver. For over 35 years, he and his team have been committed to providing thousands of customers with outstanding and reliable heating oil and diesel delivery and home heating services, 24 hours a day. Throughout his career, he has helped acquire petroleum product distributors to ensure a bright and sustainable future for Groupe F. Dufresne.

    As vice-president, he brings solid industry experience to the senior management team, including in environmental management and petroleum product transportation logistics.

    Jacques Dufresne is personally involved in many charitable causes.

  • Jérôme Dufresne

    Executive Vice President, Corporate Networks

    Jérôme Dufresne joined the family business in 2000, after majoring in business administration with a specialization in operations and production and inventory management at HEC Montreal. He has 20 years of experience in the petroleum industry. Before taking on the role of senior director of corporate networks in 2015, Jérôme Dufresne held various positions within the group, including regional manager of the EKO affiliate network, director of corporate operations, and senior director of Pétroles Cadeko.

    He is deeply involved in the industry and for a number of years has been a member of the Convenience Industry Council of Canada (CICC) steering committee and the ADEQ economic affairs committee. In 2017, Jérôme Dufresne served as the ADEQ organizing committee’s conference chair.

  • Pierre-Olivier Dufresne

    Executive Vice President, IT and Project Office

    Pierre-Olivier Dufresne has nearly 15 years of experience in the family business and was promoted to senior director of information technology in 2015. He holds a bachelor’s degree in administration and organizational information systems from Laval University. Among many other projects, he was tasked with overseeing a complete overhaul of the company’s IT systems and business processes.

    He sits on the ADEQ board of directors and has also served as honorary president of the Dare to Be Red cocktail fundraiser for the La Symboise youth centre in Cap-Rouge.

  • Francis Dufresne, MBA


    Francis Dufresne holds a bachelor’s degree in law and a master’s degree in business administration (MBA) from Laval University. He has over 10 years of experience in the service station and convenience store industry. He is trained as a lawyer and started his career at Lavery de Billy, before joining the family business in 2011 as business development coordinator. He subsequently held the title of director of legal affairs and shortly thereafter, in 2017, was promoted to senior director of legal affairs. He is involved in many of the organization’s development projects and acquisitions.

    He is actively involved in the community, including as honorary president for the Adaptavie gourmet buffet and the “Le Petit Prince” benefit for Quebec City’s social pediatric centre.

  • Richard Labadie

    Senior Director, Development and Affiliated Networks

    Richard Labadie joined the company in 1985 and held a range of positions before being named senior director of development and affiliate networks in 2008. As part of his role, he is constantly on the lookout for new opportunities. His key contributions to the group include modifying operations from “franchise” to “corporate” convenience stores and developing over 30 corporate convenience stores and 100 new affiliated retailers.

    Before joining the organization, he was general manager of Carrefour Beauport and Galeries Saint-Laurent. He is also a founding member of the Neufchâtel Optimist Club, a community organization dedicated to inspiring youth to be the best they can be.

  • Jean-Claude Gadras, CPA, CA

    Senior Director, Finance and Administration

    Jean-Claude has been a chartered professional accountant since 1989. He started his career as an external auditor in a public accounting firm before joining Groupe F. Dufresne in 1995.

    Over his 25 years with the company, he has worked on numerous projects that have sharpened his skills in business acquisition, financing, and management.

    Promoted to senior director of finance and administration in 2008, he has since headed up the accounting, credit, and human resources departments.

  • André Berthiaume, Eng.

    Senior Director, Logistics, Construction, Environment

    André Berthiaume holds a bachelor’s degree in construction engineering from École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) and has more than 20 years of experience in the petroleum industry. He joined our team as senior director of logistics, construction, and environment in 2019.

    Before making the move to Groupe F. Dufresne, André Berthiaume was a partner at Groupe SM Tardif for over 8 years. He held various leadership positions before serving as vice-president from 2014 to 2019.

Our management team

Groupe F. Dufresne can count on the experience and passion of a high-level management team.

  • Gabriel B. Pelletier

    Director, Marketing and communications

  • Benoit Castilloux

    Directeur de territoire, Réseaux affiliés

  • Éric Defoy

    Directeur de la commercialisation, Dépanneurs Sprint

  • Yves Fournier

    Directeur de territoire, Réseaux affiliés

  • Stéphane Gélinas

    Directeur de territoire, Réseaux affiliés

  • Benoit Huard

    Directeur des opérations, F. Dufresne et EKO commercial

  • Patrick Labrie

    Directeur des opérations corporatives, Dépanneurs Sprint

  • Tommy Laflamme

    Directeur des opérations, Transport Norcité

  • Audrey Lapointe

    Directrice des opérations corporatives et alimentaires, Dépanneurs Sprint et établissements A&W

  • Nancy Mercier

    Directrice, Systèmes d'entreprise et bureau de projets

  • Jeff McLeod

    Directeur de territoire, Réseaux affiliés

  • Stéphane Plante

    Directeur, Exploitation TI

  • Stéphane Pomerleau

    Directeur de la comptabilité

  • Mélanie Racine

    Directrice des ressources humaines

  • Élaine Roy

    Directrice des opérations corporatives, Dépanneur Sprint

  • Sébastien Turgeon

    Directeur de production, approvisionnement et développement des affaires, La Cuisine Centrale

  • Luc Vachon

    Directeur de territoire, Réseaux affiliés

  • Claude Villeneuve

    Directeur de territoire, Réseaux affiliés

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